Why the Riddler Plays Wordle Explained by Paul Dano in The Batman

In the new Superhero movie released, tagged “The Batman”, Paul Dano is seen playing the Riddler, which is a more demented version of the green-clad supervillain, coined from Batman’s Rogues Gallery.


Though he’s more sadistic and murderous compared to the previous version of Riddler, what the incarnated Dano has in common with the previous ones is an obsessive love for puzzles.

Having this in mind, some fans will begin to wonder if the Riddler plays Wordle (the world is a popular word game that’s web-based where players are given six attempts to correctly get a five-letter word).

This question that the fans have had in mind made its way to Dano himself, in an interview recently with the reporter of Hollywood.


The actor explains how these mind games work and how it is something the character makes use of as a way of finding validation for the brilliance he perceives. He was also willing to entertain the idea that Wordle is being played by his Riddler.


However, Dano can’t certainly say if the Riddler is playing Wordle outside the camera and during the events of Batman but he may have been playing the game if it did exist in The Bat-verse or may have been completing similar mind puzzles at least.


When Batman is finally released this week, fans will get to see what the Riddler is made of, of course.

Dano Riddler has been presented as the primary supervillain in the film, while Colin Farrell’s Penguin has a limited time on the screen, even though he will be getting his own HBO max series.


The Riddler’s time to shine is in The Batman and so many of the film’s critics who got to earlier watch the movie particularly praised the performance of the actor. 


The previous live-action Riddler seen on the big screen with Jim Carrey who played the role in Batman Forever was addressed by Paul Dano. Dano mentioned that he is a big fan of that character and he noted that his own performance was inspired by some elements of the portrayal. Though the actor is aware he had to bring a different thing altogether with his portrayal, while still looking for the right balance for a darker Riddler that will be met in Batman.


The major difference is that the film was acted by this particular Riddler putting on a mask majority of the time.

Dano stated how he felt powerful, putting on the mask for the first time. In his words “you would not want the person putting on the mask to walk towards you and for a person like the Riddler who feels his life is powerless, that’s a nice feeling to be given.” 

The Batman was directed by Matt Reeves. The film also has stars starting from Jeffrey Wright, Zoe Kravitz,

John Turturro, Robert Pattinson, Peter Sarsgaard, 

Andy Serkis and Zoe Kravitz. This movie will be released on the fourth of March, 2022, in the United States.


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