Several foods that cause bad breath

The reason is sulfur-rich ingredients, on the one hand, which cause bad breath. This includes garlic and onions in particular. In garlic, the ingredient allicin ensures the strong smell flag.

On the other hand, the protein content that is present in certain products such as meat, fish, dairy products, and eggs can promote bad breath. Bacteria settle in the mouth and can live without oxygen. They prefer to eat the remains of protein-rich foods that get stuck in the small spaces that our oral cavity provides.

So the more the bacteria have to eat, the faster putrefactive bacteria multiply. Now that there are more putrefactive bacteria, there are also more excretions that make your breath smell like rotten eggs.

Now it is also clear why milk in particular, especially in connection with coffee, which itself already has a very strong taste of its own, conjures up a furry taste and unpleasant smell.

Rescuing home remedies

Aside from proper oral hygiene with a toothbrush, silk, and cream, which you should do at least twice a day, there are also home remedies that can relieve bad breath.

An effective product is yogurt, as it can tackle the decomposition bacteria with its lactic acid bacteria. Black tea has a similar effect, but sugar should be avoided here, as this stimulates bacterial growth and thus also the formation of odors.

Chewing parsley, fennel, dill, or lemon balm also has a good effect. The apple is also a good remedy, because with its acidity it acts against the odor-forming bacteria and leaves a temporary freshness.

In order to avoid the dry oral mucosa that causes the smell, it is advisable to drink a lot of mineral water or chew chewing gum, because this stimulates the saliva flow and even flushes out food residues and bacteria.

However, it is important that all of these agents do not replace brushing your teeth. Under no circumstances should proper tooth cleaning be neglected.


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