This action movie is depicts violence, power/authority/dominance, comedy, revenge, drama, betrayal, survival, love, romance and more.

Two little rascals, Aboy and Chiboy poses as the main characters of the movie with others revolving around them, conquering and rulling a little town called Holy Ground aka Ama

They grew up to meet a life survival, hence, you must be selina tested in order to survive every day.


WORDS/Slangs/Cappings MEANING
Lap Come
selina Charm,jazz, juju
Cap Talk
Salama Salute
Your face show and your shoes shine You’re a part of the street with plenty doings
You get doings Action, recognition
Labata, throw over board(OVB), Kpai Kill
Manchi Guy or man
Cala Gun
Intel Information
Legit Real
Ododo Mind or boldness

Tanana Call
Robbers Money
Acada School or Academic
Capa Phone
Freestyle Set free, ignore
Unit Home or an area
Fracass Disagreement
Disembark Get away, leave
Malle Mother
Palle Father
Baby sis Little sister
Tuama Run away

Banny Baby girl,
Caprison or cap To speak
Comprison To understand
Caping careless Talking off point
Lavida Enjoy or make merry
Fall my hand or loose guard Betray or behav unexpectedly
Blood over stain Much killing, war
Groundnuts Bullets
Remit To pay debts
who goes you who are you
wida what’s up

chaw food
chawling To eat
Die it Stop that
You day Jones Are you doubting me
jazz out To leave a place
chillax To relax
I day H I am hungry
You too day cap cap You talk too much
deck down sit down
compass location
cut out Run away
Put am for your body To hurt you

woto woto In excess
comot body give way
pekus sex
Odogwu king
una day run intels for my headpan You’re spying on me
my face show like my-1 market I’m fully known
e day Casablanca the unit I’m known and feared
You you know You’re aware
Weda your compass Where are you going
Which way na What’s the way forward
everybody go hear my odour Everybody will here my impacts

Aboy Cappings

Ayawase Kebukebu matetematema The sweetness of madness is best known to the mad man
Cintiri Oratrifobia
Kpai kpai kpai Kpaiyama
Chino chinger lugard You’re breaking the code


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