How To Find a Song Through its Music Video by Describing It

It’s almost impossible for you to remember everything that relates to a song with all the songs and music videos one encounter. Some strategies can assist you in finding the music video just by describing it. But you should still know according to the title that it is all about “How can I find a song through the music video description” which is what the article will be explained in detail.


If you come across this article, it’s possible that you have been looking for a song through its music description. The good news we have for you is that we can help you with that. Below are the effective ways you can find a music video by describing it.


  1. Write a Few Lyrics Into Google

If you can remember the lyrics of the song that relates to the music video, go ahead to Google, type them, and hit the search button. If the lyrics are accurate, Google will show you the results that are most relevant then you can scroll through to see if any of the results match the song you are looking for.

  1. Do a YouTube Search

Another easy method to find a music video through its description is to check via Youtube. By YouTube search, we do not necessarily mean typing what you want into the search bar and hitting Enter.

This may be new to you but you can narrow down your YouTube searches to get results that are accurate using search operators that are advanced.

The search operators include upload type, duration, date, and features. If you want the results you are searching for to include the exact words you use in searching, simply add quotes at the beginning and end of your keyword.

You could also make use of the Filter button. Simply input your keyword inside the search bar, press the filter button to filter your search results to get more precise results. Now, you can easily choose the filters that will assist you in finding what you are looking for.

  1. Post It on a Song Naming Community

If using Google and YouTube to search for the music video didn’t work for you, you could try posting on song naming communities of Reddit, Facebook, and websites like Wat Zat Song that are dedicated.

We recommend you choose communities that are active as it will help you get your desired results faster. Even if the members of the community cannot identify the songs, they may likely recommend some programs to assist you.

Still, you should be as detailed as possible. For example, you could describe the lyrics and the sequences. Also, you could explain the parts of the music video you remember.

If you can remember the characters in the music video and the release date, you should explain them in the description and provide all the necessary details that can help in getting results.


  1. Use a Song Identifier App

Just as the name implies, song identifier apps are designed specifically to assist people in finding their favorite music videos and songs.

It is different from most search engines and apps as the song identifier app lets you find your desired song by providing a microphone in which you hum.

In most song identifier apps, what you just need to do is press the button — Search a Song. While in some apps, it may just require you to press the mic icon and say — what’s this song?

As soon as the mic is activated, you should hum the song for 10-15 secs and wait for the results to be processed and shown.

  1. Search up the Artist’s Discography

Most times, we may not remember the song, but we remember the artist

If you are in this case, searching for the artist instead can help you locate the song faster. For this purpose, you can make use of search engines as the artist’s Wikipedia page may help you gather some information that may be necessary.

You could proceed to check their Spotify and Apple Music pages as there is a possibility that all their songs will be available there.

Furthermore, if you can remember the actors that performed in the music videos, you can search for them individually. When you search for the music videos they have performed before, it might help you find the required video.


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