Steps on How to Compose Music 2022

In this article, you will learn full and Simple Steps on How to Compose Music 2022 which will engage you also to  Learn How To Compose Music Like A Professional and others, make sure to read the artist to the end it has much if you love to get your mix done yourself.

  1. Listen and Analyze Everything

You should be open to exploring different genres of music, which include folk, classical, or rock. You never know, inspiration comes from anywhere. So, you need to broaden your musical knowledge as it gives you more tools and ideas for your writing toolbox.

Do not stop listening. You should learn to listen critically and analyze what you are hearing. Take note of what you like and do not like and know the reason why. Be ready always to capture ideas and inspiration.


  1. Learn one Instrument or more

You must have noticed that most professional songwriters play an instrument. You don’t have to be good in the beginning though, especially if you can collaborate with other accomplished musicians that are way better than you.


You should focus on learning instead. Once you can learn the language of music and are grounded in the basics, learning other instruments will be much easier.


  1. Study Music Theory and Sight Reading

The more you are good at reading music notation or understanding the numbering system of Nashville, the more you’ll be better at getting your ideas on paper and recording and polishing them ultimately.


You need to learn how to write melodies that are catchy and doing that involves a lot of inspiration. The next thing you need to know is the theory of some chords and how to harmonize.


  1. Choose a Mood and a Theme

You have to decide the theme for your music. Are you writing about partying, heartbreak, your love for chicken pizza, or your family? Then, you should think about your listeners’ journey.

How do you want them to feel when they listen to your music? Energized, upbeat, nostalgic, or something else?

Your vision for the music should be determined from the start then you’ll be sure to emotionally resonate.


  1. Choose a Song Structure or Format

Listeners can remember the music that comes in a pattern that is familiar.

There are many ways to combine chords and notes that songs would be pretty overwhelming without musical structure, not just to listeners but composers as well.


Therefore, if you want your music to be loved by listeners, you should choose a popular and familiar song format and don’t be afraid to experiment once you have learned the basics.


  1. Start With the Melody

Starting with the melody as a beginner is logical because it is the most memorable part of your song.

If you attempt writing all the parts at once, you will get confused. So it’s important you start one part first and finish it then you can proceed to write the remaining parts.

Below are some tips you can apply for melody writing:

  • Create a series of 4-8 notes that you’ll workaround 
  • Combinations of 2-4 chords should be worked with
  • Things should be mixed up, for instance, by writing a bass melody.
  • Lastly, your melody should be kept singable, simple, and memorable.


  1. Add Other Parts

It is at this stage your song starts taking shape.

Your chord progression should be around your melody.

Your rhythm section and bass line, harmonies, and other instrumental parts should be added.


  1. Bring in Real Musicians and Real Instruments

The real test takes place when you play your music in front of other musicians to check it out.

Though your score can be created using notation software, it is another good way to check for errors, places, or gaps where your music may be improved.

It does not matter if you are on stage, in a rehearsal, or in a studio, your creativity comes to life truly when you are in any of these places and that is really where you will get the best feedback.


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