He keeps telling me to promise him I would marry him – Saskay to Jaypaul about her boyfriend outside

He keeps telling me to promise him I would marry him – Saskay to Jaypaul about her boyfriend outside. Shortly after the housemates had their Jacuzzi party, Saskay and Jaypaul were spotted in the lounge having a conversation about her boyfriend outside before she came into the house. If you would recall, Saskay said she had a man outside bit coming into the Big Brother that made it complicated and was supposed to get married to him.

In her words, Saskay told Jaypaul “I already fell in love with him, I saw all the red flags but I just thought that there were things I could do without him and things that would get better with time so I just fell in love with him and forgot about every other thing that made her unhappy.



Even after they didn’t talk before coming into Big Brother, she’s still holding on to that tiny little part of her that thinks something can work between them. Even though all the times they shared wasn’t memorable, she thinks about it as he’s such a hard person to do with and how he kept saying she should promise him they would get married because if it didn’t work out with her, he had no more energy to go after another person as they do run away while with them.



She feels she’s letting him down even though he’s not exactly what she wants as he doesn’t like her for who she is but who she can be (someone who doesn’t like to go clubbing, expose their body) and at some point, she was willing to be all of that as she was in love with him. She tried to leave the relationship a couple of times but couldn’t as she was in love with him and the one thing he couldn’t let go of was based on religious beliefs.

She revealed to Jaypaul she’s loves being loved but doesn’t know if she wants to be committed to one person.


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