Freight tasks with the professionals in the Emirates

The trend towards outsourcing logistical services will continue and intensify in the future. Integrated solutions are increasingly desired and required. We can offer our customers these complete solutions: from a single source and from a single source.

Customers in Dubai expect the logisticians not only to be familiar with the transport of goods but also to have specialized knowledge of the respective industry. At Pakistan Cargo, we have already gained logistics experience in many segments across the Emirates.

Our employees are industry specialists with many years of experience. We offer our customers comprehensive logistics solutions and develop new, innovative concepts together with them.

We’ll take you with us

As part of Freight Logistics, we take on the sales and organization of the Pakistan-wide transport of bulk goods as well as additional logistical services. For the previous customers of DB Cargo, the structural changes will initially not change anything. You will continue to be looked after by the responsible customer advisor as usual. The existing service contracts also remain in place.

On the way to the future

We have already taken a big step forward with our product offensive. We have clearly divided our offer into basic products and service modules, which can be combined according to your wishes and assembled into industrial products. And we will continue on this path with the consistent expansion of our logistics competence and expand our service – in order to continue to fulfill the orders and wishes of our customers to the fullest satisfaction in the future.

Here you will find a portrait of the Freight Logistics division, which gives an overview of the organization and tasks.

Saving on the Sea Cargo

Freight Logistics offers you special prices on a large number of routes in the national single wagon network. Check whether suitable routes are available for your transports – take part in our inexpensive “Last Minute Freight” offer.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an existing customer or a new customer. This offer is aimed at everyone who has an additional need for sea freight transport.

Simply use the site to send us a transport request about the goods and relations to be transported. We will immediately analyze whether there are free capacities available on your desired relations. If there is free capacity, we will check whether we can offer you a special last-minute freight price.

Last-minute freight offers cannot replace existing transport contracts; they can only be agreed for new transport volumes. They apply to classic single wagon transports within Pakistan with sufficient free capacities. The duration of the transport is initially limited to 20 days from Dubai to Pakistan.


Draw your logistical trump cards with us

The Logistics Service department works with you to develop optimized logistical solutions – comprehensive and across all modes of transport. Thanks to our experience with sea transport, we are particularly well equipped to meet your logistical requirements.

Diverse logistics requirements require a wide range of services

Pakistan Cargo Ajman provides you with competent support, for example with the following tasks:

  • Analysis and optimization of traffic
  • Location analysis and optimization
  • Business process analysis and optimization
  • Transport and warehouse logistics / Emirates logistics
  • Procurement, distribution, and plant logistics
  • Development of sea-focused, cross-mode logistics solutions
  • Our know-how – your competitive advantage


Together with your contact person in sales or independently, the Pakistan Cargo Service department is at your side to advise you when it comes to optimizing your logistics across all modes of transport. And of course, we also support the successful implementation of the concepts that we develop together with you. For you, this means less complexity and concentration on the essentials, for your customers the best service at attractive conditions.

Do you still suspect the potential for savings and improvements in your logistics? Then use us as a non-binding sparring partner and let us discuss the market situation in your industry, your positioning in the market, and the trends of the future and draw conclusions for the development of your logistics together.

 Well-founded analyzes as a basis for information

In order to know where you are going, you have to know where you are. That is why we carry out location analyzes for you, for example, in which we determine the number and position of warehouses, the logistical infrastructure of warehouse and production locations, the equipment used, organizational rules and processes, the physical flow of goods as well as information and communication – ultimately the entire supply chain – put to the test and backed up with a quantity structure and process costs. We adjust the scope of the analysis and the level of detail to your needs and are happy to provide you with an initial overview as part of a preliminary study, which usually results in the first optimization approaches and focal points.

Intelligent concepts – better logistics

Increasing demands of your customers on the delivery service with increasing restrictions in sea freight traffic and long-term rising transport costs – the challenges are clear. And the time is ripe for alternative logistics concepts that combine the respective strengths of the modes of transport and specifically circumvent the weaknesses. On the basis of your current situation and adapted to the needs of the future, we develop tailor-made logistics solutions for you that improve service and increase efficiency, which is safer and more environmentally friendly at the same time. 



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