Football Through the Ages

Football has changed a lot from where it first was to where it is currently, from being broadcast on live tv to placing wagers on the outcome of the game. Football has evolved. Come with us as we explore the changes in football.

History of Football

In order to see the changes of the future and present, we need to look at the past. 

Football has long been around in places like Europe, where the game is said to have originated from. Football is said to have been invented by Charles Alcock. Charles Alcock was elected as the secretary of the FA. At the time, Charles Alcock was 28 years old. 

He came up with the idea of having an international competition and wanted both Scotland and England to participate. To turn his dreams into a reality, he placed an ad in the Edinburgh and Glasglow newspapers. The ad requested that there be an international game between the countries. 

It’s important to know that football was not always the same. The rules of engagement have changed, and the sport has been refined. Football, as we know it today, had originally come about in the 19th century. The rules became more refined with time and thus modern-day football.

Evolution of Football

We’ve already spoken about the changes made within the rules of engagement within the football community; however, what’s changed?

We can start by talking about the ball. The ball used in football has not remained the same. In the past, any ball was considered a good enough ball to play with; however, as the years went by and there was more quality control, these things changed. The ball has been standardized to ensure quality. 

Okay, but how has technology added to the game? Technology is forever changing, and with it, there has been a lot of change that has been brought about. The results of football games were first published in newspapers, then live games were broadcast on radios, and then with television came the gift of seeing the game live. 

Along these lines, an introduction into wagering on the outcome was introduced. It became easier to place a bet with the introduction of casinos and sports betting avenues. With the introduction of technology, we could place wagers online with online casinos and sports betting avenues such as 10bet football betting.

There have been various ways in which the football community and football itself have changed. Another good example of how things have changed is players being paid to play. The first-ever person to be paid to play football was an American man by the name of William Pudge Heffelfinger. He was paid $500 by the AAA. He was paid that amount so that he could play a game against PAC. Little did he know that that payment was making history. 

There has also been a change in players. Players from all over the world can now play games against each other. Players are also bought from one football team to the next. 

Football in Africa

Africans are known for their love of football. In many communities, football is played as means of recreation. Football was introduced to Africa through the British, Portuguese, Belgian, and French. Africa loved it, and it spread across Africa like wildfire. 

The entire narrative around football has changed, especially in Africa. Africans went from being students to masters within the game. Africa now also has its own Cups, such as the Arab Cup, which is currently being held in Qatar. World Cups are also being held in Africa. In 2010, South Africa hosted the 2010 World Cup. 

The outcome of African football games can also be wagged on. You can visit 10bet Africa and many other betting websites and online casinos to place your bets. 

Key players in football

There have been many game-changers in football and many excellent football players. We take a look at modern-day heroes such as Messi and Ronaldo. However, there have been other excellent football players who’ve changed football with their speed, goals, and so on. Players like Yuta Kinawaki, Taisuke Matsugae, and Arata Izumi have changed the game as Japanese midfielders playing in Indian football. 


Football has evolved and changed over time. There have been improvements made, and many things changed; however, the growth of the game is accelerating. Players are highly respected for their passion and tactical work on the field. All in all, everything is changing for the better with the use of technology. 



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