Dobson: Philip Dobson Set To Be Alpha Entertainment Group ( AEG ) Artist

Another Naija music industry Alpha Entertainment Group AEG set to bring out some amazing to make something amazing to afro music ecosystem which they now announce a new sensation music singer that is specified to be Good at singing a different kind of Naija music his named as Philip Dobson with a single-stage name Dobson. 

Philip Dobson

They have said according to their press release that they as a music record Label AEG will do all that they can to boost the career of the music artist Dodson which was just signed to their record label. 

Dodson is said to provide the label and his fans with some related music like afro and Pop,  R&B, Soul, and More related afro music which is what the artist is capable of doing to make him boost his talent with what he has. 

This artist is said to not just be a singer and songwriter but also a rapper that will lead more and bring to you some sound to will lead to some expectations, which was further said that the artist Dodson has god his rapping inspiration from one of the rap God and noble worldwide artist in times of hip hop and business Jay Z. 

Dodson has been into music since 2009 which was the year that he dropped one of his singles on and since then he has been single and writing with the mix of some afrobeat and Africa vibes music that are produced most to serve and let Africans listen to some sensational songs. 

Philip Dobson the Alpha Entertainment Group AEG Artist has been said to be in different kinds of life challenges which has not made him able to showcase his talent for quite a long time that he is now set to bring you something you might be waiting for. 

With the announcement of their artist, AEG also put Into consideration that their new artist AEG has also done with some past project an extended Play with the title UNCLE GYANG (EP) FT NORTHPRIEST. Which is something you should also feel and listen to that compress of five 5 different transactions you can listen to below and drop your review about the EP using the comment section. 

The EP Uncle Gyang By Philip Dobson had a lot of reviews when it was dropped or released by then in the year 2020 and he is said to also have worked on some other music like John Bellion, Bruno Mars, Asa, Wurld and other’s. 

Dodson is a cool artist and he is ready to bring the afro music ecosystem some amazing hitz that will originate and form from his own talent. Stay with us to know something more about this artist. 


Download Uncle Gyang EP By Philip Dobson Mp3