Best Recommended Order To Watch DC Animated Universe

Here is the sequential order to watch DC Animated movies.

  1. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

The above is the first in a series of movies that talks about an animated universe. The thought behind the Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is “What if it’s your fault that the new world is like this?”

Barry Allen, the movie’s chief protagonist, mourns the death of his mother. Then he wakes up in a world in which she is alive, after fighting a battle with his rogues.

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However, the only good thing going on in the new world is her existence.

A great job was done in the film by establishing the tone of the shared universe.

It’s rated PG-13 and that allows the movie to go farther with the language and violence.

You get to see your favorite superheroes also in different warped farms. There’s an emaciated Superman, brutal Wonder woman, and an even more aggressive Batman.

A very spectacular climax was made when Barry returns to the world he knows, and it was also a heartbreaking choice. The film leads further to the next adventure for the Justice League new version.

  1. Justice League: War

If there are anything superheroes are good at is having a misunderstanding, fighting, and then later becoming teammates. This scenario really took place a lot in Justice League: War.

A great job was done by the film as it reintroduces the heroes we already know and also establishes the new customs and attitudes that the heroes have. Some of the superheroes didn’t change much, like The Flash, Cyborg, and Batman.

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Nonetheless, others experience the biggest change.

Superman became younger and more aggressive. Wonder Woman is more of a warrior than a peacekeeper.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan is cockier than normal and has a wit that rivals Spiderman.

  1. Son of Batman

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DC published a story in 1987 about Talia Al Ghul and Batman sleeping together for the first time. Talia got pregnant as a result of it. In that story, Talia told Batman that after a battle, she lost the baby. The story ended at a scene where a baby was left at the door.

The child wasn’t revisited until 2006 when the script for Batman was written by Grant Morrison. He created a young, headstrong fighter, Damian Wayne, who was really strong-headed, just like his father.

The story was adapted by Son of Batman. Damien was introduced into the shared animated universe. He is a hotheaded young man who thinks so highly of himself and the skills he possesses. He was brought to the attention of Batman and Batman took the boy reluctantly under his wing and he was trained as the next Robin.

  1. Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

In this movie, he was a man having no purpose and only mourning his father’s death. The only thing that can be said about him is that he’s very strong and blond.

The future King of Atlantis, Arthur Curry, was met.

We learned a little about Arthur, in the sequel to War, why he’s oblivious to his destiny.

The team was more learned about and also the relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman.

For most of the movie, it’s an Aquaman movie.

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The movie is rated PG-13 and more than one superhero uses swear words at moments they are stressed greatly impalements and beheadings.

  1. Batman and Robin

The relationship between Damian and Bruce continued to show in Batman and Robin. Although it’s a tense one still, Batman is doing his best to control the assassin tendencies of his son. Robin on the other hand is doing his best to prove to his father that he is a sidekick that’s reliable.

The first five films provide exciting actions and lots of fun.

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They reveal how well DC makes use of its properties as the movies are made with care. The show is seen starting with some of the live-action movies that are recent.

  1. Batman: Bad Blood

The Dark Knight was always seen as a loner, a one-man army fighting against crime. But actually, he’s one of the few characters in comics that has a legit family. Starting from his father, Alfred to his two sons, Damian Wayne and Dick Grayson. One is his biological son and one is adopted.

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But he’s not really open to being a part of a family. The trauma he had from the death of his parents does not allow him to see himself as part of a family.

The movie is a combination of different DC comics storylines. It has a strong anime influence and shows up in fight scenes.

It is a great exploration into the pain that has been endured by the Bat-family and how they could overcome it together.

  1. Justice League Vs. Teen Titans

Justice League Vs. Teen Titans tells the story and introduces the DCAU version of the Teen Titans to us.

Though there are changes, you would recognize some of the characters. One of which is Starfire that’s no longer an equal member of the team that’s young. She’s the team leader now and is much older.

While Robin is similar in makeup to the one we all know, they understand that Cyborg is a member of the Justice League so they included Blue Beetle into the group, the younger version of Cyborg.

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  1. Justice League Dark

The movie lays emphasis on the magical portion of the DC universe, including the characters John Constantine, Deadman, Zatanna, and Swamp Thing.

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The characters below had been touched by comic gods.

Pat Mills, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, and other creators. They brought credibility and at the same time, though it to be only kids’ stuff.

The movie shows a mystery in which those that are believed to be demons are being murdered by average citizens. Justice League realized that their forte isn’t magic, so Batman had to reach out to a friend in that realm, who conjured up a team of dead men and sorcerers to handle the case and save the world.


  1. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

The story talks about the Titans trying to bond as a team while taking in the Blood of the Villain Brother and his cohorts. Prior to the time, they added a new member, Terra and they are trying to make her open up and fill in as she’s part of the family. But she’s not really who she appears to be.

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This version is quite different from the one most people are used to. Starfire is a lot different than her Teen Titans Go version. She’s a lot taller and much curvier.

  1. Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

Now we are at the dark, grim, and gritty party of the DC Animated Universe. The Suicide Squad is a band of villains forced to do what the Government wants or they suffer extreme consequences.

There were a couple of regular characters, as the team consists of Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Killer Frost, and  Copperhead.

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This is the second DC animated universe movie to have and earn an R rating. It’s much more than Justice League Dark, and a very adult cartoon. However, none of the characters act out of character.

Many people have said it’s the best amongst all and the writing and actions are ten times better than the live-action movie.

  1. The Death of Superman.

The Death of Superman came as a shock to many when the story premiered in 1992 and it started a spectacular boom in the 90s. That made comic books the hottest commodity.

The same structure is being kept in the movie, just like in the comics. The only difference that’s significant is the makeup of the team.

The Death of Superman is one of the few movies that will move you in the series, with lots of heroic moments and bloody actions.

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  1. Reign of the Supermen

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In the follow-up of this movie, it’s been six months since Batman died, and almost immediately, the four Superman was introduced, claiming to be the rightful owner of the name. We have the Kryptonian, Superboy, a man of tomorrow, and Man of Steel. The heroes have the method in which they fight crimes but they all do it with the interest of the city at heart.

  1. Batman: Hush

The comic book, The story behind Batman: Hush, was a simple one. Arguably the most well known Comic book

Creator Jim Lee has joined DC after they acquired his Wildstorm comic book.

He was paired with Jeph Loeb, the writer, and they both crafted a story that led Lee to illustrate many of the friends and goes in the Batman Canon.

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The animated movie, Batman: Hush adapts that comic, but there are some changes as always.

A noticeable difference is how the relationship between Batman and Catwoman was played up.

Another aspect of the movie that’s fun is the fact that you get to see a good number of Batman’s Rogues galleries in this new style of DC animated universe.

Batman Hush is a rollicking and fun adventure that wraps up Batman’s part in the universe.

  1. Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

Wonder Woman does not have the same library of animated movies, unlike her male colleagues in the Justice League.

The movie displays her rogue’s gallery and also her different costumes. What looms largely over the movie is the theme of destiny over free will and also, the relationship between daughters and mothers.

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Wonder Woman: Bloodlines is one of the few movies in the shared universe that goes beyond the standard movies. It’s a nice movie that is really inspiring and it’s a great end to the individual DCAU movie.

  1. Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

The name of this movie is a little bit tricky. It wraps up the plot threads that have been going through the DC animated universe. It brought closeness to the battle going on between the Darkseid and DC heroes.

The main character of the movie is The bastard of a magician, John Constantine. The movie brings in virtually every character from the above 14 movies all together to conclude the movie’s journey.

The film, just like the title hints, is very dark. You will see the deaths of your beloved characters. You’ll see them act in ways you would never have imagined.

This movie closes the door on the shared DC animated universe and no opportunity is wasted to do things you would never see in comics.

DCAMU: The Extras

Aside from the movies, DC has produced other programs in the shared universe. The movie universe was helped expand by each project carried out.

Just like a toy found inside a happy meal, they are a welcome development to an already growing entertaining landscape.


This movie was set during the making of Justice League: Thrones of Atlantis. It introduces Robin and Nightwing to the DCAU. On the other hand, Batman gives the job of capturing the scarecrow to his sidekicks.

No dialogue ensued between Nightwing and Robin but you can see how they work well as a team. The movie prepares you for what is to come in Batman: Bad Blood.

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Constantine: City of Demons is an interesting movie on the list. The two-part program links the DCAU and the CW’s Arrowverse. DC’s TV-connected universe is the arrowverse. Its major players are  Flash, Green Arrow, and Supergirl. Constantine had a live-action show also, and Matt Ryan, its lead, provided John’s Voice.

Five web episodes were produced by DC for the CW’s online presence, the CW seed. The John Constantine story is the plot. He usually gets in trouble with demons. You’ll love it if you’re into that kind of thing.

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This movie may have the tiniest of connections to the DC animated universe. The DCAU version of the Titans shows in a sequence as the 2003 and 2013 Teen Titans.

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They travel through different worlds because of a battle between Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus and the Titans.

No jokes, the movie is that crazy but it is also amusing.

It is still a fun show even though Teen Titans GO! Has no connection to the DC animated universe. We recommend this as it’s one of the silliest things on TV.

Even though the DC animated universe came to an end with Justice League Dark: The Apokolips War, people know good things don’t stay dead for long. No one has an idea about what’s in store for DC animation’s future.


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