Andy Serkis in the Batman Sheds Some Light on Alfred’s Background

The Batman produced by Matt Reeves can now be seen in theaters. The film introduces some new characters that brought to life The various heroes and villains of the Batverse. Among the new characters is Andy Serkis that acted as Alfred Pennyworth; the longtime butter and Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne confidant.

The fact that Alfred has had quite a history is very clear but there’s so much that hasn’t been explored about his character in the film. What could have led to Alfred getting to this point?

Andy Serkis revealed his incarnation of Alfred, in a new interview with the Reporter of Hollywood. He saw that character as one that’s affected by his military background. He claims the background has affected the way Alfred carries himself, which is in contrast to the personality of Bruce Wayne.

He says Alfred is out of sorts and him being a military man, he’s so used to the rules and regulations, the structure and precision. So the relationship between them is one built on shifting sands, even though he wanted him to have that solidity of the military in the way he carries himself.

Andy Serkis when asked about Alfred’s unique look, he said it was ideal for the butler to have scars on the face.

Just like the Joker, we still do not have the full story behind his scars but we can’t deny the fact that the scars add a deeper sense of mystery to the character.

The cane for Alfred was envisioned by Matt Reeves, the director. However, Serkis said the designing of the overall costume was an effort made by the group.

Andy Serkis Wants The Batman to Be Recognized at Awards Season

A lot of attention does not go to Superhero movies at the academy awards and this is something that has lately had a lot of criticism after the ceremony this year that neglected the nomination of Spider-Man: No Way Home for anything better than the Best Visual Effects.

Andy Serkis feels The Batman is more deserving to be recognized for the film in the upcoming awards season as Batman has turned out to be such a work of art.

The movie contains a lot of artistry, its design and cinematography have a high level of precision, so that makes it a work of art but also a story that millions of people can relate to. The stories of the movie are going global, as it is reaching very big audiences. The story may not be one that entails a small art house that feels worthy, however, the story is as powerful and compelling as anything one can think of this year.

The movie tells stories of our time and speaks to audiences all over the world, therefore it needs to be supported and awarded.

Batman can now be seen in theaters as it is now available in movie theaters everywhere.


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