Always leave your light on while sleeping? Here are 4 things that can happen to you

Right from childhood, we have always loved to sleep with the light on. But little do we know that sleeping with the light on can cause some side effects. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you 4 things that can happen to you if you sleep with the light on either in your room or sitting room.

(1). You might gain weight if you always sleep with the light on

Regardless of your sleep quality, if you sleep with the light on during night hours, you are more likely to gain extra weight. This has been proven to be true especially in women who slept leaving the TV on. The intensity of light generated at night can be harmful to your body, it can slow the rate of metabolism.

(2). Sleeping with the light on can harm your reproductive health

According to scientists, exposure to light during the night hours can increase the risks of infertility.

(3). It might cause hormonal changes

Keeping the light on at late hours while sleeping can alter your hormonal balance. Also, lights from gadgets such as computers, TV, phones, etc, can contribute to deficiency in melatonin.

(4). It may cause you to suffer from depression

Keeping your light on during night hours can cause depression. The intensity of light, such as those from blue light can have a great impact on your mood. On a norm, when your lights are switched on and you find it difficult to sleep, you tend to overthink and this may lead to depression. Hence, to speedy your sleep and be freed from depression learn to switch off the light.


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