Actual Bats Invades Theater as Screening of Batman Gets Real

One of the first screenings of The Batman went global when those going for the movie were given what they haven’t talked about as the cinema was filled with real bats.

One of those watching the movie took a video of it and uploaded it to Twitter after a fluttering sound was heard, real bats could be seen flying all over the room.

While so many movies have been shown in 4D, with special features to enhance the experience, seeing this displayed on the screen was not supposed to be one of them and it was completely unexpected to those that were present.

After the delay caused by the covid pandemic in one way or the other, Batman has finally arrived in cinemas.

The movie stars Robert Pattinson in the title role and it’s kick-starting a whole different Batman franchise far from the DCEU, where Ben Affleck, now called Michael Keaton is to be seen. From its opening weekend box office performance and reviews, it appears that everyone wants a piece of the movie owned by Matt Reeves, not excluding the mammals that the film shares the same with.

The video shared that quickly got to 1 million views since it was posted, the lights in the cinema are on and the movie has been paused while the bats were being taken away from the screening.

The person handling the camera tries to keep track of the black shapes that blur as they move near the ceiling, across the room.

While filming, the person that posted said he’s at the Batman movie and can see bats at the movie. To back it up, the voices of others that were present in the screening could be heard clearly as they were shocked at what they were seeing.

Though the other showing of Batman didn’t include real-life bat experience, the movie has still been a massive hit for moviegoers. The movie pulled in a worldwide gross of around $250 million and it’s quickly becoming the highest-reviewed Batman movie in the history of Batman.

Taking into consideration the amount of doubt the role of Pattinson had in the original casting, the film has quickly progressed over the last six months as more footage was released, together with some early comments after a screening that was unexpected last year.


The movie opened in 74 international locations to take $120 million, together with its $128 million domestic hauls.

The biggest turnout of the audience was seen in the U.K ($18.4 million), Mexico ($12 million), and Australia which gave the sum of $9.2 million.


The movie will be released in China on the 18th of March and while it won’t be playing in Russia, after the release was pulled by Warner Bros following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, another boost of the film’s taking should be seen.


It’s been made clear by Matt Reeves, that even though he has his focus fully on making Batman the best stand-alone movie it can be, there are still plenty of spinoffs and movies that are to come from the new franchise, the first one will be a TV series that focuses on 

Colin Farrell’s Penguin which is headed to HBO Max.


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